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FraudCam…A Game Changer

by DealerXT
Our latest fraud prevention technology, FraudCam, has been a HUGE HIT! It was introduced on a recent update (Version 1.1.8) which was released on Wednesday 2/19/2020.

As you are aware, there have been many lawsuits regarding paper signatures in recent years, where the customer claimed that they had not signed the paperwork or that it was not them. Many of you, and some financial institutions, have asked us for a way to prevent the customer from claiming that they did not sign the tablet. The feature is of no additional cost to you and is a product of months of development and testing.

FraudCam utilizes the camera settings on your tablets to provide groundbreaking techniques in preventing fraud during the dealer application process.

How does FraudCam work?
FraudCam automatically uses the camera settings on your tablets to take a photo of the customer while they sign on each page of the tablet. Additionally, the tablet takes a screenshot of each page of the tablet. The combination of the customer photo and screenshot of the page shows the customer and the tablet page they signed. As usual, the customer will receive an e-mail of the deal, however, their photos will not be emailed to them. The customer’s photos will be saved in your Dealer XT account together with the screenshot of the page they signed. FraudCam is meant to prevent two types of fraud: One, where a customer claims that they didn’t sign the tablet; and two where a person has used someone else’s ID (Identity theft) and law enforcement wants a photo of the person who committed identity theft.

What should the dealership staff do?
You don’t have to do anything, just let the customer sign the customer pages. We do suggest that you test run the system to become familiar with it and to also see the resulting report. When you go through the customer screens put the tablet in its stand so it can take a clear photo. The camera angles will be such that anyone signing the tablet will be in the photo, however, please make sure that the customer is not “leaning” out of the camera’s range. As always, good lighting improves the quality of the photo taken.

Along with other updates in the past, the new update will log you out of your account. Make sure you have your login information available, or you can always go through the Forgot Password options.

This new service only adds to DealerXT’s dedication to protecting you against fraud, identity theft, and lawsuits.

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