Securing Your Dealership: Scam Awareness & Prevention

Dec 14th,  03:00 pm PST, via Zoom


Car Dealers:

Welcome to our Webinar

In today's digital age, automotive dealerships face increasingly sophisticated scams and fraudulent activities. Protecting your dealership and customers is paramount. Join us for an eye-opening webinar where industry attorneys Ali Rakhshanifar, Esq Brooke Brigham, Esq & from Auto Legal Group, a prestigious law firm based in California, renowned for their unwavering commitment to defending car dealerships, will share essential insights and strategies to fortify your dealership's security.


Ali Rakhshanifar, Esq

Co-Founder Auto Legal Group

Mr. Rakhshanifar, Esq, is well experienced in civil litigation, automotive dealership representation, settlement negotiations, automotive compliance, and training, and has litigated several bench and jury trials, and arbitration hearings. He is also recognized as an experienced auto dealer attorney with a demonstrated history of defending independent auto dealerships across California, as well as multi-franchise new car dealer groups at both bench and jury trials. Mr. Rakhshanifar has also defended automobile dealers in employment cases. In addition to his legal experience, he has a strong background in auto dealer operations and sales. Mr Rakhshanifar is also a co-author of a suite of comprehensive online training and educational materials, as well as lawsuit prevention software. Mr. Rakhshanifar regularly speaks across the country on issues related to the auto industry.

Brooke Brigham, Esq

Attorney Auto Legal Group

Ms. Brigham, Esq, boasts over 20 years of experience in civil litigation, where she has adeptly handled a diverse array of business disputes on behalf of a wide-ranging clientele. Her extensive expertise encompasses the skillful resolution of complex disputes through various legal avenues, including bench trials, jury trials, arbitration, mediation, and appeals. Before embarking on her civil law practice, Ms. Brigham worked as a criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area and also held a position as a professor at San Francisco Law School.


1. Synthetic identities

2. True name fraud

3. Lax fraud controls

4. Document fraud.


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