We Proudly Protect Franchisees of these Brands and Independents

Don't Risk Your Bond Company Dropping you and Putting You out of Business.

DealerXT is the only company that provides a comprehensive lawsuit prevention package for automobile dealers.

  • We study plaintiff's lawyers from across the state to learn their strategies on how they make claims against Dealers. We then incorporate proper legal language and strategies into the DealerXT tablet so that all dealers are protected from false claims.
  • Our Tablets are automatically updated as soon as we learn of a new plaintiff strategy or argument, this way your disclosure forms are always up to date. Its like having your own lawyer constantly watch what the Plaintiff's lawyers are doing.
  • We allow you to make proper disclosures to customers in an acceptable and professional manner which builds confidence in your client that you are being upfront with them. This reduces the chances of you getting sued.
  • We create evidence of proper disclosures at the time of sale, so that unscrupulous customers and plaintiff's lawyers can't claim that the paper evidence was tampered with.
  • Everything is automated so you don't have to make copies or printouts of anything. Customers receive everything by email, automatically and promptly. No need for you to make copies for your deal jacket, your records are electronically kept and at your finger tips 24-7.
  • Easy sign-up and user friendly. All instructions are right on the Tablet, so you don't need an owners manual.
  • Incredibly affordable.
  • Customizable Company Policy for consumer lawsuits ($15,000 + value)
  • Over 70 Fun Training Videos for you and your staff. Includes State Regulations (CLRA, ASFA, Advertising, Red Flags, and more)

Used by Small and Large Dealers from Roseville, Ca. to Orange County, DealerXT is the only lawsuit prevention software

DealerXT is created by lawyers with years of specific experience against well known plaintiff's lawyers, not just in negotiations, but also in trial and in courtrooms. Our smallest dealers sell less than 10 cars per month, and our largest dealers sell several hundred cars per month. No matter what your size, the DealerXT Tablet is designed to accommodate your internal sales and F&I process. To that end, DealerXT has processed thousands of vehicle disclosure transactions and continues to do so on a daily basis.

We also inform you from time to time with news about actual lawsuits and claims so that you are aware of what is happening around you.

Don't wait before its too late.

Every consumer lawsuit on average costs about $101,000. Starting at just $99* per Month, even if you prevent one lawsuit in 8 years, the system would have paid for itself. Our customer service is second to none, just ask our existing customers.

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Starting at just
*Please call us for pricing for your dealership size and requirements. Excludes cost of tablet. plus $199 per additional tablet plus $399 one-time setup fee