The Lawsuit That Sparked

There had to be a better way. So we created it!

The Lawsuit That Sparked DealerXT.

It was 2015 and we were standing in a parking lot outside a courtroom in Oakland, California. Two experienced auto defense lawyers defending a car dealership who was sued by a customer with an outrageous claim. After 3 years of driving the used car they had purchased, the customer now claimed he was “fooled by the salesperson.” He said he thought he was buying a sedan, but the dealership sold him a hatchback. Two years of litigation and over $100,000 in expenses for the dealership based on an untruthful customer complaint.

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We asked ourselves a simple question: “How could this have been prevented?”

If the dealership only had pictures of the vehicle at the time of the sale with the customer’s signature and some better disclosures, they would not have had to deal with any of this nonsense... if only we had evidence!

A short time later, we had a meeting and started developing what has become the most innovative platform in the automotive industry. DealerXT is the only tool in the market that helps car dealerships prevent frivolous and false customer claims.

Unfortunately, demand letters and lawsuits against car dealerships continue to increase at an alarming rate. But, with our experience and innovative team, we continue to help our car dealership community stay protected. The dream is now a reality. As of today, DealerXT has successfully protected over 60,000 deals and counting ~ that’s over $720,000,000 in assets protected!

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For DealerXT, this is just the beginning of a new era. Our most recent, innovative, and powerful team member - ALI.3 (Artificial Lawyer Intelligence) is revolutionizing the industry by creating automated and customized disclosures with a single click. It’s like having an experienced auto defense lawyer give a green light for every deal.

As the number of complaints against dealers grows, our passion for protecting dealerships grows even faster with the goal of eliminating frivolous and false claims in the dealership community.

Are you sick of losing to customers and their lawyers? Do you want to get back your rights as a car dealership? Contact our team of experts today!