Your vehicle might know your secrets better than your friends

Now this is the thought that many consumers have in mind. Learn all about the sneaky new In-Vehicle Camera Law, Sections 22948.50 – 22948.59. See how it impacts YOUR DEALERSHIP and snag your FREE DEALERXT DISCLOSURE FORM. Got questions? We're here to chat!

In Vehicle Camera Law

In a shocking turn that's rocked the auto industry, insiders reveal strict new laws—Sections 22948.50 to 22948.59—governing in-car camera disclosures were introduced after scandalous footage from Tesla made headlines. What footage? The kind where private moments of unsuspecting drivers turned into public drama, causing worldwide outrage over privacy and ethics. Do you want to know more? Read this Reuters article.

A Closer Look: The New Cartapping Law

Disguised as public defenders, these laws quickly emerged as subtle guardians. Insiders claim their hurried approval was a desperate attempt to rebuild trust and stop the leaks threatening privacy. Were these measures just a hasty effort to clean up a scandal-hit industry's reputation?

These laws create a complex maze of rules about in-car camera footage, filled with legal traps. They make it extremely tough for car dealers and manufacturers to navigate without hitting legal roadblocks.

In Vehicle Camera Law

Simplifying Compliance: The DealerXT Form

Drowning in legal jargon? Dive into our FREE DealerXT form instead! We’ve turned the tricky new vehicle camera law into a no-brainer. Stuck or confused? Hit up our Compliance Squad for a quick chat. 

In vehicle camera law

The Savior in Silicon Valley: Guiding Compliance with Ease

Against the backdrop of this complex drama, a glimmer of hope shines for car dealerships slogging through the compliance bog. The novel software solution SafeDealsAI promises to be the knight in shining armor, safeguarding against the potential overreach of these new regulations.


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