Essential Businesses During Lockdown Urge Gov. Newsom


Essential Businesses During Lockdown


Over the past few weeks, DealerXT has reached out to Governor Newsom’s Office on numerous occasions.

DealerXT is now again respectfully asking California Governor Gavin Newsom to expressly add Auto Dealerships to the list of California Essential Businesses during the Shelter-In-Place orders.

Essential Businesses During Lockdown. Dealers must share this petition with all of their networks and colleagues to show a strong response. We’re almost halfway toward our goal!

Automobile dealers are currently experiencing confusion about whether they can remain open as “Essential Businesses During Lockdown“ as it relates to automobile sales.

As an example, the Counties of Sacramento and Merced have specifically listed automobile dealer sales as “Essential Businesses” while other counties have not.

Executive Order N-33-20 from March 19, 2020, as well as the corresponding Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers PDF dated March 22, 2020 posted on lists auto repair and supply facilities, which some auto dealers do have, but does not specifically list automobile sales.

Governor’s Open Door Policy: California Welcomes Input on Order Concerns

As the Governor has repeatedly indicated, the State of California is open to hearing arguments, evidence, and concerns related to the order.

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