Free Covid-19 CPR Package

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Mandatory Dealer Safety & Sanitation Protocols Before Re-Opening

As we told you yesterday, our collective efforts have paid off! Auto Sales are Officially Essential (with certain limitations).

It is essential to emphasize that adherence to specific Safety & Sanitation Protocols is paramount for continued operation. Failure to implement these measures could result in significant liability under the CLRA, potentially amounting to over $100,000 in medical costs and damages. Therefore, businesses must prioritize the implementation of these protocols to ensure compliance and mitigate potential risks.

DealerXT has prepared a FREE COVID-19 Protection Resources (aka “CPR Package”) for our member dealers.

The DealerXT CPR Package includes:

1. Video Protocol for Employees

2. Entrance Notice to Consumers

3. Contact Tracing Sign-In Sheet



















4. County-Specific Protocol Disclosure

The FREE COVID-19 CPR Package has been designed to meet the specific requirements outlined by San Diego and Santa Barbara Counties. We anticipate that similar requirements will soon be adopted by other counties as well.

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