Gov. Newsom’s Office calls DealerXT


On March 26th, Gov. Newsom’s Office Contacted DealerXT.

Gov. Newsom’s Office. Here are the highlights of last night’s phone call:

  • The Governor’s office thanked DealerXT for providing important information to them regarding the necessity of car dealership sales remaining open during the pandemic.
  • They informed us that the request to allow dealerships to recommence car sales has been flagged with the Governor’s operations team and they are taking our requests very seriously.
  • They acknowledged that our position is strong as to why car dealership sales fall under the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers exception to the Governor’s Executive Order, specifically under the “Transportation and Logistics” section (p.7), the “Other Community-Based Government Operations and Essential Functions” section (p.10), and the “Financial Services” section (p.12).
  • A member of the office shared a personal experience related to this issue: His vehicle was totaled last week, which resulted in him being without a vehicle.

The decision to remain open is a business decision that only you can make, however, the ambiguities in the various orders from various counties present certain risks. If you decide to continue car sales operations, we recommend you have the sections of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers exception available to present to any relevant county officials or law enforcement. Please keep in mind that some counties have specifically banned car sales in their County Orders, such as Fresno County.

Pursuant to our continuous efforts in obtaining clarification from the Governor’s office, we informed the Governor’s office this morning of the news that Nevada’s Governor Sisolak and the Attorney General’s Office agreed yesterday to amend their original Executive Order to allow Nevada car dealership sales to recommence.

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