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SB55 Law Effective since Jan 1, 2024

Catalytic Converter Marking Law

Catalytic Converter Marking (Law SB55)

What is "Permanent Marking"?

The California Catalytic Converter Marking Law refers to legislation aimed at curbing the theft of catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are valuable automotive components that reduce harmful emissions.


Permanent Marking Must Happen Before Sale. “Permanently Marked” means prominently engraved, etched, welded, metal stamped, acid marked, or otherwise permanently imprinted using a similarly reliable method of imparting a lasting mark on the exterior case of the catalytic converter. Permanent Marking should not be added to a Due Bill or “We Owe” form.


Keep documentation of the marking process, including the date, VIN, and method used. This will be helpful for proof of compliance if necessary. Also, keep a copy of any acknowledgments signed by the customer, which are provided automatically by our Software Safe DealsAI

Be Compliant

What are the potential costs of noncompliance with the Catalytic Converter California Law SB55?

✅ Possibility of class action lawsuits/injunction, demands for rescission and attorneys fees based on non-compliance.

✅ Costly Lawsuits and demand letters.

✅ DMV Complaints/Investigations/Suspension of Dealer License.

✅ Attorney General Complaints/Investigations.

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Catalytic Converter Law

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