Is Your Carfax Report Accurate? Get Help Correcting Discrepancies.


When you’re dealing with a Carfax report, it’s important to be aware of any potential discrepancies in the odometer reading. As the dealer, you need to be sure that the CARFAX report is as accurate as possible, so you can feel confident in the car you’re selling.

One potential discrepancy that can occur is when the odometer reading is inconsistent with other sources. For example, if you look at the date online and the Nevada DMV marked it at 4,000 miles, but there is an auction company that is marking it at a 100,000 miles three weeks later, there is a discrepancy in the report. Not even driving the car 24 hours a day at 80 miles per hour for those three weeks would result in that mileage.

If there are any discrepancies known between sources of information vs the CARFAX report such as the inconsistency of an odometer’s reading, CARFAX’s support team is available to help you correct them.

You can visit their and go to the “Help” section. Then, click on “Report Discrepancies”. There are two sections here – one for “Request a Correction to a Carfax Report”, and one for “Why are Accident or Other Details Missing.”

If you have any questions, please contact our Dealer Defense Team for additional assistance. Remember that it’s always better to spend a few minutes getting the right answer instead of hours of time and thousands of $$$ in court fighting false consumer claims.