Prevent Lawsuits by Safeguarding Staff Avoids Mistakes



Protect your car dealership with over 70 empowering & mobile-ready training videos covering your entire sales process [Free with DealerXT DXT Tablet]

Avoid Lawsuits. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the law.

That’s why DealerXT has made it easy to keep your car dealership protected from lawsuits with over 70 educational videos for your staff.

Best of all, these videos are provided 100% for free for your entire organization with your DealerXT DXT Tablet.

With the DealerXT educational videos, you and your sales team can rest easy knowing that the processes your car dealership uses to sell vehicles keeps your dealership completely protected against lawsuits.

These videos give you detailed—yet actionable—steps you can take during every step of your sales process to protect you and your staff.

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Avoid Lawsuits. Why Is It So Important to Protect Your Car Dealership?

As you know, every car dealership is subject to various laws, such as the CLRA, ASFA, Advertising, Red Flags Rule, Buyer’s Guide, and more.

These laws regulate dealerships and the sale of vehicles. And they also protect consumers.

But if a car dealership does not follow these laws, it can lead to extremely costly litigation.

For instance, the average consumer lawsuit can cost as much as $101,000. On top of that, a lawsuit can also cause your bond company to drop you and put you out of business entirely. And as they say “ignorance of the law is not a defense.”

That’s why it’s so important that you and your staff all understand the proper procedures needed to keep your car dealership protected. And these educational videos from DealerXT help you do just that.

How Can DealerXT’s Compliance Training & Company Policy Help?

Avoid Lawsuits. With your DealerXT Membership, your car dealership gains access to over 70 fun and empowering training videos that cover the most important legal topics surrounding an auto dealership.

The easy-to-digest videos break down complex legal concepts and language that every one of your staff members will be able to understand.

Plus, these videos are less than 5 minutes each and are designed for busy professionals who don’t have time to sit for hours through lengthy legal seminars.

Moreover, with these videos, your car dealership does not have to hire expensive lawyers and pay for their employees to sit through a day-long seminar on proper procedure. Instead, your team can watch these videos day or night since they’re all available 24/7.

Each video is also mobile optimized and can be viewed from any smart device.

And there’s no limit based on your car dealership’s size.

Whether your team is made up of 5 do-or-die sales people or a network of over 100 employees, these educational videos can be viewed by your entire organization as many times as you see fit.

It’s also easy to monitor whether your team is keeping up with the video training too. The system automatically keeps track of course completions and provides email reports to management on a quarterly basis.

This video training is valued at $18,000/year. However it’s provided completely free of charge with DealerXT’s DXT Tablet service.

DealerXT also provides you with a Customizable Company Policy ($15,000 + value).

So if you want to keep your car dealership protected, tighten up your sales processes, and prevent your staff from making costly mistakes, these training videos (free with membership) are just a few more ways DealerXT can help you.

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