Put Expiration Dates in Campaigns or Advertisements!


Expiration Dates in Campaigns. Car dealers have the responsibility to be transparent and honest with their customers at all times. This is especially true when it comes to advertising the price of the vehicle. When advertising vehicles for sale, make sure the advertised price of the vehicle matches the price listed in the contract.

Removing or hiding the advertised price to charge a higher price without the customer’s knowledge may not seem like a “big deal”. However, it can have serious consequences for the dealer, as it can lead to false advertising lawsuits and legal fees. Not to mention that it’s simply not fair to the consumer.

This applies whether the customer knows about the advertised price or not. It also applies to any form of advertising, whether it be in the newspaper, tv, radio, online, email, social media (Instagram/Facebook), or as a price sticker on the car itself.

To avoid legal complications due to the advertised price, it is essential that dealers take the time to properly price vehicles in their inventory and honor those prices on the contract. By doing so, the dealer will create a more transparent and trustworthy image and a better relationship with their customers.

Finally, PUT EXPIRATION DATES IN CAMPAIGNS or your advertisements! This way, you can prove exactly when an advertised price expired.

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