Remote Presence Dealer Empowerment

The Power of Remote Presence: Expanding Dealer Reach Effortlessly


Remote Presence Dealer Empowerment. In this case study, we explore the implementation of a telepresence device designed to enable individuals such as dealer owners to be physically present in one location while remotely interacting with another place. This technology aims to improve remote collaboration by providing an immersive and interactive experience, bridging the gap between physical presence and virtual communication.


The dealership owners operate in multiple locations, requiring frequent cross-site collaboration. However, the existing communication tools, such as video conferencing and emails, need to be improved, impeding effective communication and decision-making. 


The absence of a tangible physical presence in remote collaboration settings results in the following pain points:

Inefficient problem-solving: Critical decision-making processes are hindered by the lack of immediate presence in different environments or situations at a dealership.


There are several consequences for the dealership owners:

  1. a) Communication gaps: Misunderstandings and misinterpretations due to limited non-verbal communication negatively impact project timelines, quality of work, and team cohesion.
  2. b) Lower productivity: Reduced engagement and disconnection with team members based in multiple locations lead to decreased productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance.
  3. c) Ineffective problem-solving: The inability to physically assess and interact with the on-site environment affects efficient problem-solving, resulting in delayed issue resolution and poor outcomes.


“Our telepresence device at the 2023 NIADA Convention & Expo at Wynn Las Vegas, operated remotely by one of our virtual staff members”

Dealership owners across the United States have implemented our telepresence device system to address the challenges mentioned above. This innovative solution combines high-definition video, audio, and robotics technologies to provide a seamless remote collaboration experience. The device consists of a mobile base and a screen, which displays a live video feed of the remote user (let’s say, the dealer owner) while allowing them to control the movement and orientation of the device in the physical location.

By implementing the telepresence device, the Dealership owners successfully addressed the limitations of traditional remote collaboration tools. The solution provided enhanced non-verbal communication, improved engagement, and effective problem-solving capabilities. Consequently, the company experienced reduced communication gaps, increased productivity, and more efficient decision-making processes. The successful adoption of the telepresence device demonstrates the potential of telepresence technology in revolutionizing remote collaboration, offering a viable solution for organizations operating across multiple locations.

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