Remote Staff Dual Roles


Exploring the Multi-tasking Capabilities of Remote Staff in the “Gig Economy”

Remote Staff Dual Roles. When dealerships consider hiring Remote Staff to expand their operations, they typically aim to establish a lasting professional relationship. Key to this decision is understanding whether the potential Remote Staff is already engaged with other clients or holds different jobs.

The Short Answer

Possibilities of Multiple Engagements

Initially, your new Remote Staff may or may not have other commitments. The nature of their availability can change depending on the type of work you offer and how their schedule evolves.

The Long Answer

Hiring from Remote Dealer Staffing

Choosing a virtual professional from Remote Dealer Staffing allows you the flexibility to hire someone either full-time or part-time, based on their current availability. This flexibility enables you to integrate them as a dedicated part of your team.

Part-Time Versus Full-Time Engagement

Just like any local employee, virtual assistants might seek additional work to fulfill their desired work hours and meet their income objectives. If engaged part-time, your Remote Staff might also work with other clients or maintain another part-time job.

Ensuring Full-Time Availability

If your business needs a full-time virtual assistant, this is entirely achievable. Inform our hiring specialists of your requirements, and we will focus on providing candidates available for full-time engagement. This ensures the assistant can dedicate their working hours solely to your business needs.

Employment Conditions

Typically, a full-time commitment from a remote staff means a minimum of 40 hours per week or a competitive monthly salary, ensuring that they are exclusively available to your company.

Diverse Work Dynamics

Our community at Remote Dealer Staffing comprises diverse, independent, and skilled professionals, each with unique goals and career aspirations. They seek various opportunities to advance their careers, which may include balancing multiple jobs or client engagements.

Understanding the work dynamics of remote staff helps in making informed hiring decisions. With Remote Dealer Staffing, you have the flexibility to choose the right level of commitment, whether part-time or full-time, to best suit your business growth strategies.