Open Safety Recalls: STOP Selling Vehicles!

open safety recalls

Open Safety Recalls. It’s been brought to our attention that some dealers are still selling vehicles with safety recalls open! This is alarming, as it puts both the buyers of those vehicles and everyone on the road at risk. We urge you not to sell any vehicle with an open safety recall. You, as a dealer could be held liable for selling the vehicle with an open safety recall, even when the remedy is not available.

The law is very specific about selling vehicles that might represent a potential hazard to the safety of the driver, passengers, or others on the road. As a California dealer, you must sell a car that is “SAFE”. When a car has an open SAFETY recall, it can be argued that the car was “NOT SAFE“, which can lead to an expensive lawsuit.

If you are considering selling a vehicle with an Open Safety Recall, we encourage you to ask yourself a simple question: Is it worth the risk?

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