Subaru 3 Million Outbacks


A Look at the Journey to a Major Sales Achievement

The Rise of the Outback

Subaru 3 Million Outbacks. Subaru of America recently celebrated a major milestone with the sale of the 3 millionth Subaru Outback, an iconic SUV known for its robust safety features, dependability, and overall value. Introduced in 1995 as the “World’s First Sport Utility Wagon,” the Outback not only became Subaru’s flagship model but also a symbol of outdoor adventure, resonating deeply with enthusiasts across the nation.

Celebratory Sale at Subaru of Jacksonville

This landmark vehicle was sold at Subaru of Jacksonville, Florida, where David Jett, a loyal customer and four-time Subaru owner, became the proud owner of the 3 millionth Outback. The celebration was marked by the presence of Phil Porter Jr., the dealership’s General Manager, alongside key representatives from Subaru of America, Craig Halliday and Colin Mondero, who all congratulated Jett on his milestone purchase.

Subaru 3 Million Outbacks. A Legacy of Reliability

The Subaru Outback’s reputation for reliability is well-earned, with an impressive 97% of Outbacks sold in the past decade still operational on the roads today. This statistic not only speaks to the vehicle’s durability but also its lasting value, ensuring that the Outback remains a preferred choice for drivers seeking a dependable and versatile vehicle.

The sale of the 3 millionth Subaru Outback marks a significant chapter in Subaru’s history in the United States. The model’s evolution from an innovative utility wagon to a modern-day SUV staple illustrates its ongoing relevance and commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. As Subaru continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the Outback remains a key part of its success story.