The Best Kept Secret In The Auto Dealership Industry: Hiring Remote Staff

Learn how top dealers in California and the US recruit, cut costs, and meet goals. 

Case Study

Case Study

What can a Remote Staff do for your Dealership?

Executive & Personal Assistant

Manage projects and teams, provide top-notch customer service, and keep the CEO/Manager organized with call screening, calendaring, making appointments, answering calls, and email management.

Customer Service & Business Office Support

Efficiently manage client communication through calls and emails, filter leads, and engage with potential and existing clients to maintain good relationships

BDC & Lead Generation

Client acquisition skills: Prospecting through cold calls/emails, setting appointments, and gathering feedback from new/existing clients to enhance product/service offerings.

Virtual Receptionist

Efficiently manage phone communication: Answer calls, provide customer support, set up meetings in the calendar, and route calls to appropriate departments.

Credit & Collection

Responsible for managing past due accounts through calls and negotiating payment solutions, processing credit card payments, and reporting to business units on account statuses.

Social Media Outreach

Manage social media content, schedule posts on various channels, respond to messages/inbox, and create simple graphics while keeping brand consistency.

Website & Inventory Management

Manage car dealership website: user experience, industry best practices, competitor monitoring. Update inventory and vehicle information on the site.

Compliance Officer

Maintain legal compliance program, audit procedures and deals to identify risks, train employees on best practices, advise management, and perform regular vehicle price checks.

Meet Your Heroes

Remote Dealer Staffing


Remote Staff - BDC Professional

✅ Personal Connection

✅ Dedicated Partnership

✅ Relentless Support

✅ Goal-Oriented

✅ Beyond Basics

✅ Converting Leads

✅ Customer Satisfaction


Virtual Receptionist

✅ First Point of Contact

✅ Seamless Integration

✅ Unmatched Commitment

✅ Professional Call Management

✅ Efficient Scheduling

✅ Quality Customer Service

✅ Enhanced Productivity

✅ Customized Support

And Many More Job Positions can be Performed by Remote Dealer Staffing

Discover the vast potential of remote staffing solutions for auto dealerships. Our Latin America remote professionals can fill a variety of essential roles that drive your dealership forward. We take pride in offering exceptional staffing solutions and selecting and providing basic auto dealership training to bilingual professionals. All this comes at a fraction of the cost you might expect.