Tundra Triumphs Again! 


Celebrating the Tundra’s Victory in Texas Truck Excellence


Tundra Triumphs Again!  Toyota’s 2024 Tundra emerged victorious, capturing the respected title of “Truck of Texas” at the annual Texas Truck Rodeo hosted by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA). This achievement marks the second time in three years that the Tundra has claimed the top spot at this prestigious event, solidifying its position as a standout in the competitive truck landscape.

Tundra’s Success and Other Approvals

In addition to the Tundra’s triumph, the newly launched 2024 Grand Highlander secured the first position in the Full-Size SUV category. Notably, Toyota Audio Multimedia collected a Feature Award, and the Toyota i-Force MAX Turbocharged Hybrid received the coveted Best Powertrain Award. These awards underscore Toyota’s commitment to excellence across various automotive facets.

Texas Truck Rodeo Evaluation

The Texas Truck Rodeo, a high-profile event, brought together 37 journalists to rigorously evaluate the latest trucks and SUVs from leading manufacturers. The evaluations took place on a challenging off-road course at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur, Texas. Vehicles underwent scrutiny based on criteria such as interior design, exterior aesthetics, value, performance, and overall personal appeal.

Tundra’s Commanding Performance

Tundra Triumphs Again!. The Tundra, with its robust capabilities, controlled the demanding course at the Texas Truck Rodeo, leaving its competitors trailing in its wake. Its impressive performance across key evaluation parameters contributed to its well-deserved recognition as the “Truck of Texas.”

Toyota’s 2024 Tundra’s success at the Texas Truck Rodeo not only reaffirms its exceptional capabilities but also highlights its consistent appeal to automotive enthusiasts and industry experts alike.