Make sure your SafeDeals AI account is set up properly by following these steps:

  • Please go to and login to your SafeDealsAI account
  • Click “Dealerships” on the left side menu
  • Click “Tablet Settings” 
  • Select your dealership name on the drop-down menu
  • On the “Basic Settings” you can toggle the blue button to the right if your dealership sells used cars only. The first two options “OFF” are optional, you can toggle to the right to turn them on. The rest of the buttons at the bottom of that section should remain as they are for now.
  • On the “Document Checklist” turn “ON” only the documents that you will be providing to your customers at the time of the sale
  • On the “Third Party Disclosures” turn “ON” only the reports that you will be providing to your customers.