If you are using Web Deals, please contact customer service directly via email to support@dealerxt.com or by phone at 408-357-0237.

If you are still using the SafeDealsAI hardware (tablet) to process deals, please follow the 4-step troubleshooting sticker instructions provided on the back of your tablet.

You can “Optimize” your tablet’s functionality by going to Settings – Device Care – and clicking the Optimize Now option. This will identify apps that use excessive battery power and close apps running in the background.

Double check if your tablet’s Software Updates are up to date by going to Settings – Software Update – and clicking Download and Install. Your tablet will search for all available updates and upgrade it if needed. Most likely when the tablet needs an update it will show in your notification center, in that case, you just have to agree to the update and that will start the process.

SafeDealsAI tablet has been specially set up to use our app version only, make sure not to have any other apps downloaded (such as games, music app, etc.) as it will affect the functionality of the tablet.